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Make a difference- Practice for Peace – Free 21 Day Peace Challenge
12:00AM 15 May 2022 to 12:00AM 4 June 2022

Free 21 Day Peace Challenge

With so many challenges happening in the world around us it can sometimes feel like it’s beyond our capacity to make a difference. The invasion of Ukraine is something that is happening right now and is one example of the horror that can result when human beings get out of balance. We can feel helpless. But there is something we can do … Practice for Peace … peace-focused yoga for 21 days.

The amazing power of intention when people come together through a shared intention or vision it can be powerful. If you would like to join others with a shared intention for ‘World Peace’, from the comfort of your home, sign up to be part of this challenge now - dedicate your practice for peace.

  • Do yoga and/or mindfulness and meditation practice every day for 21 days
  • It’s free to participate - you just need a current yoga pass if you wish to join InSync online classes (see below for more information)
  • At the start and end of your practice dedicate your practice to world peace
  • Three guided online peace meditations are included
  • It starts on Sunday 15 May

You can confirm your intention and commitment by registering for the Practice for Peace Challenge. You can choose to do your own practice or join a live online yoga class every day for 21 days.

A shared intention is more powerful, so we will attract extra benefits if we enliven our intention and commitment together as a group - but you can go it alone. As part of the Practice for Peace Challenge there will be three guided online peace meditations - all are welcome to participate. You will be sent the zoom link when you register. When you register your intention you will also be sent a suggested 'Intention Statement' - for you to use to enliven the shared community intention each time you practice.



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