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Recharge, Revive and Thrive
08:30AM 28 May 2022 to 06:30PM 30 May 2022

Recharge, Revive and Thrive

Two options for an in-person retreat in Canberra - One day or three days with Kieran O’Callaghan.
Enjoy delicious organic vegan food.

  • OPTION 1 - One day retreat on Sunday 29 May from 8.30AM to 6.30 PM.
    • Early bird price for the one day $245 if you book by 18 May. Otherwise $295.
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  • OPTION 2 - Three days from Saturday 28 May 8.00 am to Monday at 5.15pm.
    • Early bird price for three days is $595 if booked and paid by 9.00 pm 18 May. Otherwise $645.
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The last couple of years may have taken a toll on your well-being and joie de vivre. Many people have been feeling tired, exhausted, stressed, anxious, uncertain, or even confused about the future. This one-day retreat is designed to help you:

  • reconnect with your Self
  • settle and recharge your nervous system
  • gain more clarity on what is important to you
  • feel empowered and purposeful
  • gain wisdom and understanding
  • feel the support of like minded people


About your retreat facilitator:

Kieran O’Callaghan is one of Australia’s most experienced yoga and meditation teachers. He has facilitated hundreds of retreats and workshops.

From early life, Kieran had a strong desire to help others and understand life, people and how and why we can all have such different experiences in life. The same quest to support others and understand yoga and meditation has helped him go beyond the various styles and cultural clothing of yoga and tune into its essence. This know-how is at the heart of InSync yoga. It includes the knowledge and practices to rapidly create an expansive, calm, clear mind, an open, joyful heart and a vital body that feels so good.

Kieran was very fortunate to experience the transformative power of a daily asana, pranayama, and meditation practice whilst still a teenager. Profound experiences inspired him with the vision that yoga can awaken the full potential of your body, mind, and life. He sought out and found some of the very best teachers to guide him on his journey. He has been teaching, learning and sharing the wisdom of yoga for over 45 years. Kieran discovered that the wisdom of yoga is the wisdom of life and it can not only create vital, joyful empowered individuals but also vibrant, connected communities.

For this retreat we offer a limited number of spaces, so book early!

The retreat location is in Canberra and the full address will be sent to you on booking.


  • Kieran O'Callaghan


  • 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM : OPTION 1

    MAY 29, 2022

  • 8:00 AM - 5:15 PM : OPTION 2

    MAY 28 - 30 , 2022



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