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The Practical Empowering Wisdom of the Yoga Sutras
07:30PM 25 May 2022 to 09:15PM 29 June 2022

Discover the manual to

Awaken joy, freedom, abundance and wellbeing - your birth right.

The wisdom of the Yoga sutras is the manual you need.

In this 6 session online course Kieran O’Callaghan will help you understand the power of these Yoga sutras and how to practically apply them in your life. This wisdom will help bring out the best in you in your relationships, work and indeed all areas of your life.

The course starts on Wednesday 25 May, then sessions are weekly each Wednesday from 7.30 pm to 9.15 pm. Early bird price is $195 if you register by 9.00 pm on 18 May. The full fee is $245.

Kieran was very fortunate to discover the Yoga sutras when he was nineteen. He read a translation by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood titled How To Know God. He was inspired by how much wisdom was concentrated in such a short text.

At the time he was living in a beautiful home and meditation centre, not far from Hampstead Heath in north west London. He had developed a very strong yoga and meditation practice and had a super committed focus on understanding life and attaining enlightenment, the ultimate goal of yoga. He developed a friendship with a fellow house mate, Alistair Shearer who at the time was working on an English translation of the Yoga Sutras. It subsequently became a highly regarded translation.

Later when he was 24 he chose to study Sanskrit at the ANU which then was Australia’s premier institution for the study of Sanskrit. He wanted to delve deeply in to a range of Yogic texts. In his second year he focused on the Yoga sutras and famous commentaries on it.

Over the years he has conducted many courses going deeply in to the yoga sutras to help yoga students apply this wisdom.

Over time he discovered his dharma was not to be a Sanskrit scholar of Yogic texts. It was to understand profound yoga wisdom and apply it in the most practical ways to help people experience high levels of wellbeing, happiness and deep connection.

As he grew and evolved so did his understanding of this wondrous yoga wisdom. Over time he realised that it wasn’t just for highly committed spiritual practitioners living in ashrams etc, it was also practical wisdom for people living everyday lives in the outer world. Kieran will help you practically apply this wisdom to your life now.

Full rate: $245


  • Kieran O'Callaghan


  • 7:30PM - 9:15PM : May 25 - June 29

    Every week each Wednesday




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