Elena Amani

Yoga Teacher

Elena Amani was born in Russia and lived in Belgium and Croatia until moving permanently to Australia in 2010. Like many young mothers, she suffered from hip, neck and lower back pain which were the results of poor posture. She also suffered from weakness in the muscles, poor digestion, and mood swings because of a thyroid gland dysfunction. Elena searched far and wide for answers to become physically and mentally stronger and healthier again. Only when she started practicing daily yoga did her health begin to improve. Elena also learned to use isokinetic muscle activation in yoga which dramatically improved her health.

“My life purpose is to live without mental and physical pain, inspiring and helping people around me to be stronger and healthier”, says Elena.


Elena is a Registered Yoga Teacher Level 2 (800hr). Since 2006, she has studied Hatha yoga in Australia and abroad and holds a number of certificates:

  • “Yoga and Meditation” from Canberra Insync Institute (teacher Kieran O’Callaghan)
  • “Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga”, “Advanced Yoga Fundamentals”.
  • “Yoga Therapy: Therapeutic Applications of Posture, Movement and Breathing” from Yoga Synergy School in Sydney (teacher Simon Borg-Olivier) and “Yoga for kids”. Attended Knoff yoga workshop.
  • Elena completed an Australian Institute of Applied Sciences course in Reflexology. She finds that knowledge of reflexology greatly complements health and well-being of her students.

At the moment Elena is studying Posturology (the scientific study of the body’s static and dynamic alignment as it stabilizes itself in space against gravity and other forces) with an osteopath, posture expert, and writer Dr. Krista Burns.

Elena is also studying Eriksonian hypnosis which can be used for treating people with chronic pain.

Style of teaching

Elena teaches hatha yoga at beginner and intermediate levels, using isokinetic muscle activation to build up strength in weak muscles by holding a pose for longer periods of time. Elena’s teaching also focuses on muscle activation (bandha) to protect joints from injuries and weak muscles from over-stretching.

Most recent inspiring experience

“My muscles were very weak because I had an issue with my thyroid gland. Back when I started, like most yoga students I was holding each posture for five slow deep breaths. It over-stretched my weak muscles, hamstrings and injured my knee. Later I found out all this was the result of un-leveling hips, twisted pelvis, and vertebrae. Years of pain inspired me to study more and to create yoga classes for people like me. Now I can hold any pose without discomfort or pain. The safest way to apply the principle of strength with flexibility is to commence a stretching posture with the muscles activated around the joint. Good posture is a good habit. The correction of posture with yoga is a good start” says Elena.


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