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The Insync Yoga & Spiritual Tour To India

Are you ready to develop your yoga, expand your awareness and awaken to life’s rich possibilities?

This tour is centred in the most beautiful and magical parts of southern India and goes for 17 days. Kieran and Nandini will be facilitating this uplifting and transformative experience.


17 Days from the 7th till the 23rd of December 2019

Open your horizons by exploring this unforgettable country in the company of others. The tour program is designed to boost your inner journey while giving you the experience of the wonders of India.

A powerful transformative program

This is much more than a standard tour to India. It is also a powerful supportive program for self-discovery and transformation.

This tour will give you rich learning experiences to awaken the best in you and help you become a more open and effective person and global citizen. This InSync Yoga and Spiritual tour to magical India will expand your awareness and give you profound insights into the history, traditions and philosophies of this colourful, diverse and exciting land.

It will help you better understand yourself and humanity.

Our Tour Facilitators

Kieran and Nandini will be facilitating this uplifting and transformative experience. Between them they have a wealth of experience guiding and leading tours. Kieran has over 18 years’ experience in providing tours to India and a vast knowledge of Indian culture, spirituality and history. Kieran has also facilitated hundreds of transformational retreats and courses over more than 40 years.

His wife Nandini has been teaching yoga for almost 20 years and for over 10 years has conducted highly successful programs to empower women.

This group journey is perfect for a first-time visitor or for those who want to experience more of what this incredible country has to offer. You won’t just be part of a tour group but a member of a supportive team. We will create a powerful team energy to help everyone have lots of fun and be their most natural and empowered selves.

Why Choose Us?

InSync has been running successful tours to India for many years, providing quality of service and individualized attention, as participants on previous tours have attested.

Enjoy rich diverse experiences

You will have an opportunity to meet and connect with a diverse range of people and enjoy the rich cuisine, cultural diversity, spirituality and varying landscapes of this incredible country. We will stay in 3-5 star hotels apart from ashram experiences.

You’ll also get to experience:

  • An oasis of natural beauty and peace
  • The rich range of tastes, colours and sensory delights of modern India
  • Sacred rituals of praise and healing at ancient sacred sites
  • Nature, forests and wildlife, elephants temples, ashrams, churches, synagogues, mosques,
  • Astrologers, wonderful bazaars, a shopping adventure, heaps of fun, and so much more.

Tour Package Inclusions

The tour price includes: accommodation, breakfast and travel between scheduled destinations.

It doesn’t include lunch, dinners, tips, taxis for private outings or travel to and from India.

These days it is so much easier to identify and book the most suitable flights to Chennai and back home from Kochi or Trivandrum. However if you would like any help or guidance we can provide that. Also if you would like to travel with others from the tour group let us know and we can help you coordinate your flight bookings.

InSync Yoga and Spiritual India Tour 2019 Itinerary

Here’s the opportunity of a lifetime to truly transform your life and awaken more passion, clarity, strength and peace.

7 -23 December 2019

*Please note InSync reserves the right to modify the scheduled itinerary at anytime.

The tour starts in Chennai with a get together meal and celebration on the evening of Saturday 7 December from 6.15 pm. If for any reason someone arrives later that night at the hotel, they can join us the next morning for a shared practice and breakfast.

We can arrange to have someone meet you at Chennai Airport and bring you to the hotel. On Sunday we will head off around 10.15 am on the first leg of our adventure together travelling to Kanchipuram and then Vellore.

Anyone who wishes to explore Chennai more will need to arrive earlier and do it independently. Chennai is located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal, it is the biggest cultural and economic of south India.

Chennai is among the most visited Indian cities by foreign tourists. It was ranked the 43rd most visited city in the world for the year 2015. The Quality of Living Survey rated Chennai as the safest city in India. Chennai attracts 45 percent of health tourists visiting India, and 30 to 40 percent of domestic health tourists. As such, it is termed “India’s health capital”

Lonely Planet named Chennai as one of the top ten cities in the world to visit in 2015.

National Geographic mentioned Chennai as the only South Asian city to feature in its 2015 “Top 10 food cities” list. Chennai was also named the ninth-best cosmopolitan city in the world by Lonely Planet. In October 2017, Chennai was added to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) list for its rich musical tradition.

Visit Kanchipuram, a great centre of learning, the spiritual centre of the south and the capital of the ancient and powerful Pallava kingdom and Travel to Vellore and visit and stay at the nearby spiritual centre of Sri Sakthi Narayani Amma, an esteemed spiritual leader in India

Historically Kanchipuram has been regarded as a great centre of learning, the spiritual centre of the south and the capital of the ancient and powerful Pallava kingdom. It is also renowned for its famous Kanjeevaram silk sarees.

We will have an opportunity to tune in the the history, culture, architecture and spirituality of this ancient sacred centre, “the city of a thousand temples”

In the afternoon we plan to travel to Vellore and visit and stay at the nearby spiritual centre of Sri Sakthi Narayani Amma, an esteemed spiritual leader in India.

The centre is highly regarded by many people including Australians and features the Golden Temple, the Star Park and many other facilities.

Visit Tiruvannamalai, a beautiful pilgrimage town at the base of the sacred Arunachala Mountain.

We plan to travel to Tiruvanamalai and arrive by the afternoon.
Tiruvannamalai is a beautiful pilgrimage town at the base of the sacred Arunachala Mountain, often called the mountain of living light.

Yogis and sadhus have come here to meditate for thousands of years. One of the most famous spiritual teachers of the 20th century, Ramana Maharshi lived and taught here from 1896 to 1950. His life and teachings have Influenced millions including many western yoga and meditation practitioners.

We will visit his ashram and caves on the mountain where he meditated. We will also have an opportunity to do a special walking meditation around the sacred mountain as well as climbing on it. On full moon nights one million people or more may come here from all over South India to do pradakshina or a special walking meditation around Arunachala.

We will also visit special places around Tiruvanamalai including the Arunachaleswara Temple at the base of the mountain. It is one of the biggest temples in all of India. It is dedicated to Shiva and people have meditated and worshiped here for approximately 2000 years.

Experience the south Indian culture and the French colonial presence in Pondicherry for 3 nights.

We travel to Pondicherry in the morning for 3 nights.
For a small city, Pondicherry is wonderfully cosmopolitan. There’s south Indian culture, of course, and the French colonial presence. We will also spend time at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the township of Auroville. Both have been drawing people from around the world for decades.

These influences have given the place a truly international feel. Pondicherry’s Old Town is unique to India; you come across whole colonial-era streetscapes that have been brilliantly preserved with tree-lined boulevards and French villas painted in pastel shades.

A popular Pondicherry experience is a walk along the seafront promenade in the evening, when the whole city comes out for a stroll.

Past tour participants have thoroughly enjoyed spending time in Auroville, “the city of dawn” which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. Auroville is a remarkable experimental endeavour to create a community where people from all over the world live with strong connection and harmony. At its centre is one of the most silent places on the planet the Matrimandir. It is a meditation space at the heart of a futuristic, spherical temple covered in gold discs, surrounded by beautiful gardens.

We travel to Madurai in the morning for one night.

Madurai is one of the oldest cities of India and is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The city has a rich heritage and has been in existence since about the 4th century B.C. It is mentioned in ancient texts of the Greeks, Romans and Arabs. Madurai had strong trade connections with Ancient Rome.

This city was the capital of the Pandyan kingdom and was ruled by Pandya kings over most of its history. Chennai may be the capital of Tamil Nadu, but Madurai claims its soul. Madurai is Tamil-born and Tamil-rooted and a city of temples.
A highlight of our visit will be to experience the celebrated Meenakshi Amman Temple, a dazzling mazelike structure ranking among India’s greatest temples. It is not only a masterpiece of architecture and art but a place where many people have deep spiritual experiences.

Journey to the beautiful mountains of Kerala in the Munnar area and visit Eravikulam National Park.

In the afternoon we journey to the beautiful mountains of Kerala in the Munnar area for 2 nights with the purpose of a day visit to the Eravikulam National Park (Rajmalai National Park). There are options for walking, trekking and touring in the Park.

This park offers a chance to stroll among India’s highest mountains south of the Himalayas to enjoy nature’s beauty. Most visitors see the protected Nilgiri Tahr, an endangered mountain goat that lives only in the Himalayas and here. The scenery is magnificent.

Eravikulam National Park was established as Kerala’s first national park. Some rare animals and endangered species of butterflies can also be spotted here.
Golden jackal, jungle cat, wild dog, dhole, leopard and tiger are the main predators. Some little-known animals such as Nilgiri langur, stripe-necked mongoose, Indian porcupine, Nilgiri marten, small clawed otter, ruddy mongoose, and dusky palm squirrel are also found. Elephants also seasonally frequent the park.

The park is also famous for great view of tea plantation, rolling hills and neelakurunji. Neelakurunji is a blue colored kurunjiflower, which blooms once in 12 years.

We travel to Fort Kochi in the morning for 1 night
In the morning of 17th December, we will visit Fort Kochi and explore its rich history including churches, synagogue and Chinese fishing nets.
Kochi or Cochin has often been described as the Venice of the East.

St Thomas the apostle brought Christianity here to Kerala shortly after the death of Jesus Christ.

We will visit the church of St Francis where Vasco da Gama was buried. It reflects the history of European influence from the Portuguese, Dutch and English.

The beautiful night lantern decorations around Fort Kochi at this time of year express the spirit of this wonderful friendly community and add an unforgettable touch of beauty and charm.

We journey south to Varkala in the afternoon for 3 nights.

Kashi or Varanasi in North India is generally considered to be the most sacred place in India. Varkala is known as the “Kashi of the South.” Varkala beach is also considered one of the best in India and is very popular with those who love the beach and swimming in warm tropical waters.

It has a reputation for wonderful diverse cuisine in restaurants with breathtaking views from Varkala cliff. We will visit different sacred sites including a famed 2000 year old temple and have the chance to bathe in sacred medicinal spring waters. There is an abundance of massage and Ayurvedic treatment spas for you to also enjoy as well as many delights for shoppers.

We will start the day with yoga and meditation on beautiful Varkala beach and feel the wonderful gifts of the day as we watch sunsets over the Arabian Sea.

In the morning we travel to Amma’s Ashram to stay for 2 nights. However if you would like to stay longer that can be easily arranged.

This is the home base and ashram of world renowned humanitarian and spiritual teacher Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma)

We are visiting this international centre of spirituality and home base for many of Amma’s humanitarian projects. It is located amidst an expanse of coconut palms between the beautiful Kerala backwater and the Arabian Sea. We will have a taste of ashram life and an opportunity to have a personal blessing and hug from Amma. This is one of the most joyous and loving places on the planet for aspiring global citizens to prepare for Christmas and New Year in the presence of Amma.

The tour officially concludes here on the afternoon of 23 December. Most flights back to Australia depart in the evening or night. We will arrange transport to the Kochi Airport on the evening of 23 December. We can arrange taxis to Kochi or Trivandrun ( Thiruvananthapuram) Airport for other tour participants who wish to leave at other times.

Tour Prices

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned one in the field of Yoga and Meditation. This tour will provide you with a rich experience and also give you the tools to transform your life. With over 18 years experience in providing quality retreats and tours in Australia and around the world, you know you’re in the right hands.

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  3. Choose your payment option.
  4. As places on the tour are limited you can also pay a $500 deposit to book and secure your place.

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