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Highly Effective Yoga Skills For Overcoming Depression

Learn Powerful Techniques and Tools to Shift Your State

Are You…

  • Struggling, feeling down or hopeless?
  • Having difficulty overcoming disappointment or loss?
  • Feeling irritable, angry or resentful?
  • Feeling isolated?
  • Lacking motivation and energy?
  • Feeling “not good enough” or “not able to…”
  • Feeling anxious, uncertain or lost?
  • A therapist who wants to improve your ability to help others


  • Do you or someone you know need help to turn things around?

This 2-hour workshop is for you – take action now!

Enjoy a Beautiful Supportive Environment


No previous yoga experience is required.
Enjoy a beautiful supportive studio environment where mats and props will be provided for your comfort.

Learn Powerful Techniques and Tools to Shift Your State

Join us on this journey of wisdom, understanding and freedom and awaken your empowered self.

You will learn valuable tips and techniques to move towards freedom from stress, depression and anxiety. In this workshop we will identify the common building blocks to depression and learn tools and techniques to help us change states and come back into balance. We will also learn the skills to lead us to long-term freedom.

This Workshop Offers So Much More

This is much more than a standard yoga class or workshop focused on stress and anxiety. It is an opportunity to tune in and apply the practical wisdom of The InSync Body Mind Life System, which draws upon the latest scientific insights, the deep wisdom of Yoga , Meditation and Ayurveda, and over 40 years experience coaching thousands of people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.

Bookings are essential as places are strictly limited. Quickly share with your family and friends.

Full Access To 2-hour Workshop

$69 AUD

  • Workshop Schedule: Thursday ,14 November (07:00PM-09:00PM)
  • Location: InSync Body Mind Life, Griffith Shops, Griffith Act
  • Price: $69

For Full Time Student and Pensioner Concessions Avail for Only $39 AUD Call Us Now! +61 2 6260 6666

Your Workshop Facilitator

Kieran O’Callaghan is the founder and Director of InSync and creator of InSync Yoga and The InSync Body Mind Life System.
He is a leadership and life coach and one of Australia’s most experienced yoga and meditation teachers. Kieran has studied with some of the world’s great yoga and meditation masters. He is constantly learning and growing, and developing his ability to practically empower others.

As a beginner I was nervous about starting but everyone at InSync has made me feel welcome and comfortable and I just love going now.- Belynda Zolotto
Love the gentle instruction in the classes, love the variety, love the stretches, always left invigorated either at the start of the day, the middle of a day or of an evening. Simply a pleasure to be involved with those at InSync. Very blessed.- Alistair Mills
At InSync you always find a warm, friendly atmosphere and professional and enthusiastic teachers. Classes are suitable for various levels of fitness and flexibility and are relaxing but also challenging! It's a beautiful way to harmonise body and mind, to ease stress and, as Kieran always invites, to 'open to life'.- Maureen Imelda Lee
Great atmosphere, profound and meaningful approach to yoga and well being, awesome hospitality. Thanks InSync!- Carolyn Minchin

Take Action – Enroll Now!

Join us on this journey of wisdom, understanding and freedom and awaken your empowered self.

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