The Empowered Student Program 1

There is a very specific mechanic for creating success and fulfilment in your studies and…

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nature meditation

InSync Meditation & Mindfulness 1 Course

Learn how to establish your own meditation practice and how to get the most from this …

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InSync Meditation & Mindfulness 2 Course

In this advanced course, you will learn how to deepen your meditation to really get the most from this …

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yoga victory

The Yoga Path to Freedom from Anxiety & Fear

The InSync holistic mind-body life approach is time tested and highly effective. Whatever your past experiences and disappointments…
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Yoga Essentials 1

Learn the yoga essentials, quickly feel at home in class and get the most from your yoga. In order to substantially awaken your empowered self ….

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The Yoga Path to Awakening Your Empowered Self

This powerful and transformative online course combines the best of contemporary research and ancient…

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Yoga Teacher Training 200hr

This course offers you a wonderful opportunity to not only accelerate your learning and experience of yoga….

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Stress-Free Living Course

Thrive during stressful times. Whether you want immediate relief from stress or you want to….

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Coming Soon

The Yoga Path to Forgiving Everyone Everything Now

Master the power of forgiveness and begin to attract more positive people and relationships…

The Yoga Path to Healing Support for Your Neck

This course offers you a holistic step-by-step approach to relieve neck pain and discomfort, and improve your neck’s…

The Yoga Path to Healing Support for your Lower Back

This holistic InSync body mind life approach can not only bring more ease and freedom…

yoga sleep

The Yoga Path to Deep Rest & Nourishing Sleep

This course offers you a holistic step-by-step approach to help you experience deep rest and improved sleep. You will also …

The Yoga Path to Immediately Overcome Any Problem or Difficulty

Welcome to this program which offers you a proven pathway to overcome any problem or difficulty…


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