Yoga Teacher

Fabian Lopez has been an avid meditator for many years and has taught mindfulness and meditation to hundreds of individuals. Helping them dramatically improve their experience of life. He first turned to meditation as a way to effectively deal with acute anxiety and depression.

Fabian is also an experienced coach helping people improve their lives and relationships. He is an effective and entertaining facilitator and has a strong background as a teacher of meditation and mindfulness. He has worked extensively with individuals, coaching and supporting them to lead happier better lives. His warm and approachable manner endear him to clients, helping them feel at ease, even on their first meeting. Fabian integrates his intuition and creativity with a focused and systematic approach.

He also has a degree and masters in communication and has undergone training in psychology. He is also a Nero-linguistic Programming, Time-line Therapy and Values Pendulum Consultant Training.


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