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Peter Cohen

Peter Cohen is one of Australia’s most experienced yoga teacher trainers. His inspirational presentation of yoga is the intimate union of traditional Tibetan Yoga and the renowned hatha and vinyasa yogas of T.Krishnamacharya. He is senior accredited in 3 yoga lineages and has been teaching for over 2 decades on trainings with the most inspirational spiritual teachers in Australia: including Mark Whitwell, Nicky Knoff and Lama Urgyen Yeshe Ozer. Peter teaches principles of composing breath, movement and meditation that are the underlying heart of yoga.

Teaching Style:

I have been teaching yoga, spirituality and meditation since 1999 and I love to empower and inspire my students to learn how to self-embrace the embodied spiritual experience we call life. We breathe deeply, we move from the heart, and we relax deeply; all while following the traditional practice of yoga given in the yoga sutras of Patanjali.

I like to remind my students that Yoga is your direct participation in life already given to you. It’s not a search. It’s not to use the body or to use the mind to try to get somewhere; as if you’re not somewhere already. As if you’re not already the full-blown wonder of life. You cannot find a spiritual experience, because you are already having one. Any effort to find spirituality creates a layer of mental activity on top of this life. So, an authentic yoga experience is one of absorption. It is like a sigh of relief. It is a letting go. A deep surrender into appreciating that the beauty and wonder of life-reality has arrived. In you, as you. Spirit-consciousness is already here right now.


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