Some Yoga Teacher Training Contact Modules

Some Key Yoga Teacher Training Modules and Dates

Contact Modules (Face-to-Face training)

How to Effectively Teach a Flowing Vinyasa Sequence 1 (M10807)

Understand the key principles in designing and creating a flowing vinyasa sequence. Learn and practice teaching a variety of vinyasa sequences to address specific needs.

Skillful practice and Teaching A (M10804)

Discover the joy of teaching and helping others. Learn about the art of adjustment and correction of essential poses. Learn to teach partner yoga, how to modify poses, and how to use props and provide options in teaching asana.

Skillful practice and Teaching B (M10805)

Learn the teaching methodology and the elements of a well-designed class. Strengthen your teaching skills by effectively addressing individual and class needs, and adapting your teaching to changing circumstances. Learn the art of adjustment and correction of a range of poses. Learn to teach partner yoga, how to modify poses, and how to use props and provide options in teaching asana.

Yoga Anatomy in Action (M10806)

Understand the biomechanics and physiology of key asanas, and the keys to body reading, postural assessment and adjustment. Learn how to care for joints and promote spinal alignment in your own body with your personal yoga practice and how to help others do the same.

Online Modules

Foundation Module – The Yogic Path to Health and Fulfillment (M10801)

Learn the essential principles and practices of the profound wisdom of yoga and how to practice yoga effectively in the contemporary world. Gain an understanding of what enlightenment is. Learn about the essence of yoga, yoga and the mind, yoga poses, the breath and the mind/body connection, yoga’s sister science Ayurveda, the elements of a teaching methodology, and an introduction to meditation.

The Anatomy of Yoga (M10802)

Essentials of anatomy including an overview of key body systems with a focus on the relevance of the skeletal and muscular systems to promote alignment and balance in asana and life. This Module also gives you an understanding of the anatomy of the yogic energy system and its relevance to yoga and your life.

Wisdom for Life – Yogic Philosophy and Lifestyle (Theory and Application) (M10803)

Learn about yoga philosophy, lifestyle and ethics, yoga and vedic science, key yogic texts as well as pitfalls in the practice and teaching of yoga and meditation. Understand the essence of the knowledge for fulfillment and freedom from suffering and how to live your life in sync with natural law. In this Module you will also gain an understanding of the 7 states of consciousness.

InSync Ytt Module Dates 2020 – 2021

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