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Virginia Haussegger, AM

• 2019 ACT Australian of The Year
• Former ABC News Presenter and a greatly loved and valued member of our Australian community.

“I can’t overstate how important the InSync online connection has become for me during this strange period of isolation and discombobulation! I’m not an experienced yogi, just a plodder who muddles her way through class.But over the past couple of weeks I’ve really needed to move more than ever before, given the huge amount of desk and couch sitting I’m now doing while in home isolation! I’ve quickly grown to love that very special online yoga hook up that isn’t another long drawn out zoom work meeting, in which I have to sit really still.Instead the online classes get me moving, stretching, rocking, rolling and breathing in a way my body so desperately needs. But most of all, there is just something very special and comforting about seeing the teachers we love and admire turning up in the studio – for us.

To help us all through. I’m extremely grateful for this.

The fact that it is live – streaming in real time – gives the class and the experience of participating a powerful energy. The real time schedule also helps give some structure to my day.

My yoga class has become somewhere important I have to ‘be’… that is there waiting for me.

Even just having an ‘appointment’ like that seems to help normalise what is a very abnormal life at the moment. And it’s wonderful to see the other students turn up too.

Our collective camera angles are all over the place and I’m sure some of you have seen the cobwebs on my ceiling!

But I am so grateful to each and everyone of you for joining in too. Building a sense of community right now feels like a powerful and enriching thing to do. Funny thing is, I didn’t really expect online yoga to work well for me. I thought it might feel a bit oddball. But now I’m a hooked devotee!

Thank you so much Kieran and Nandini for trying so hard to make this work and taking that extra stretch to bring it to life. Both of you and all the wonderful teachers you’ve gathered at In Sync serve us all so very beautifully.

I really can’t thank you enough. With my deep appreciation”

– Virginia

Siw Wittkopf

Siw here. I just did the wednesday 12.30 class with you via zoom. I loved it.

Michelle Morrison

Love it, the familiarity of having our regular teachers, regular times and regular class mates all online , makes it feel normal in this world of instability at the moment.
Thank you

Artemisia Natural Health Centre

I factor it into my day- and really look forward to the fact it’s live and not a recording! Thankyou for putting the gratitude in words so succinctly. – Artemisia


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